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MacVoices TV –, Beckinfield and MPTV


This episode of MacVoices TV features an interview from the show floor at Macworld|iWorld 2012 about Theatrics and Beckinfield, the online sci-fi video series. Show host Chuck Joiner says it is “One of the more intriguing conversations we had at Macworld.”

“Tracy Evans explains how it all works to put you, me, anyone into the series as a character, their Tech Talk with special guest Jonathan Frakes and what part he plays in this, and why it could be the future of television.”

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My Beckinfield Character Followed Me to San Francisco


When you become a resident of Beckinfield (the world’s first Mass Participation web series) your character is always with you, and so is Beckinfield. Even if you are traveling, you can always find a room, a nondescript wall or an outdoor location that can pass for your beloved home town and keep those videos coming in without skipping a beat.

The inverse is also true. Beckinfielders may be small town hicks, but they do get occasionally get out and see the world. It can be a fun challenge to work your storyline around a trip you’re taking. And just like Beckinfield, it doesn’t have to be a real location. Headed to Florida? Find a beach and a palm tree and make everyone in Beckinfield jealous when you video in from Bali.

I am traveling to the Macworld|iWorld 2012 conference this week in San Francisco. I intend to make Beckinfield videos in airports, hotel rooms, San Fran streets, and the convention center. The fun part is I haven’t any idea where this may take my character yet. I have a basic premiss about Dylan Marks (Jonathan Frakes) asking me to help him with a trade show booth, but beyond that my plan is to have no plan at all. The audience wil find out what happens right along with Tag Z.

I used the two videos below to set up the premiss:

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Andy Ihnatko to Join Theatrics on the Main Stage at Macworld


Late breaking news. Andy Ihnatko will be joining Jonathan Frakes, Bob Gebert and myself on the main stage at Macworld|iWorld 2012., creators of Beckinfield,  has been invited to speak at the Film Event of this years Macworld|iWorld conference. In addition to the presentation, we will be shooting a special episode of Beckinfield with Mr. Frakes. That episode will now also include a special appearance by America’s Most Beloved Tech Journalist, Andy Ihnatko.

Mr Ihnatko, technology journalist for the Chicago Sun-Times, is well known in the Macintosh community from his frequent appearances on podcasts such as MacBreak Weekly, This Week in Tech and his latest creation The Ihnatko Almanac.

In the increasingly special episode of Beckinfield, Mr. Ihnatko will play the part of Dr. David Forrester, Dean of Beckinfield State College. The Fr. Forester is introducing Dylan Marks (played by Jonathan Frakes) at a press conference being held on his campus. Attendees at Macworld will watch as the main stage is transformed into  a college presentation room, and even be involved in shooting the episode by playing the parts of residents of the town of Beckinfield.

It is a real thrill to be working with both Mr. Frakes and Mr. Ihnatko on the project.

Transforming Macworld into Beckinfield


Beckinfield comes to San Francisco at next week’s presentation for the Film Event at MacWorld l iWorld 2012.

The presentation will start with Bob Gebert and myself talking about all things Beckinfield; how the project began, the technology behind it, and how Jonathan Frakes became involved in the show. Next, Mr. Frakes will take the stage to announce the finalists and grand prize winner of the Ultimate Online Audition Contest.

For the big finish we will shoot a special episode of Beckinfield live in front of the Macworld audience, actually including the audience in the episode.

The presentation theater will be transformed into the main hall of Beckinfield State University. In the story, legendary stage director Dylan Marks (Mr. Frakes’s character) is holding an open press conference on the campus to announce the cast of his next production, The Legends of Beckinfield. The Macworld audience will play the part of Beckinfielders attending the press conference.

The audience will also interact with the story as they are directed to react to the speech in various ways. In addition, they are all encouraged to shoot the event on their cell phones (most likely iPhones), create a character in Beckinfield, and upload the video to to tell their side of the story.

If you are in San Francisco next week, come to Macworld and be part of the fun.

Jonathan Frakes, Beckinfield and Macworld


Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek: TNG, Burn Notice) is knocking it out of the park with his work in Beckinfield – the first Mass Participation TV web series. He plays Dylan Marks, world-renowned director, who has come to Beckinfield to produce a community theaters play as a favor to an old friend. He is quickly caught in the bizarre SciFi craziness that is what Beckinfield is all about.

My business partners and I will travel with Jonathan to San Francisco next week to discuss Beckinfield at Macworld|iWorld conference. In addition to awarding the $10,000 prize for the Ultimate Online Audition Contest, we will be shooting Jonathan’s final episode in front of a live audience. Join us at Macworld if you would like to be part of the shoot.

You can also become part of Beckinfield by signing up for free at Join the cast of Beckinfield (just like I did) and get involved in the story.

Alpha Waves Radio Podcast – Bob Gebert and Tracy Evans discuss all things Theatrics


Bob Gebert and I are interviewed on this episode of Alpha Waves Radio, the popular Science Fiction podcast hosted by Michael Hinman. The show is a companion to the Airlock Alpha web site. Click on the player below to listen to the show.

You can also listen to the podcast in iTunes.

In the interview we discuss all things Theatrics, Beckinfield and Mass Participation TV and touch on a variety of subjects: the origins of the project and company, our business partner Biff Van Cleve, the amazing staff behind the project, our upcoming presentation at Macworld, Scott David, Jonathan Frakes, and the never-ending Mac/PC debate.

The whole podcast is jam packed with interesting Sci Fi discussion; a George Takei viral video, Chase Masterson, Wil Wheaton’s opinions on William Shatner  and much more. If you’re in a hurry however you can find Bob and I around the 29 minute mark.

Planning the Macworld | iWorld Presentation


Bob Gebert and I have been working dilligently on our Macworld presentation. For me, it starts with pencil on paper. I like a messy erasable medium at this stage.

The presentation will include background on Beckinfield, the Theatrics production process, what it’s like to start a startup, and a few other behind-the-sceens items. Our special guest will announce the winner of the Theatrics Ultimate Online Audition Contest, then participate is a special surprise. More on this tomorrow.