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Fix a Guitar with a Toothpick


There is a lot riding on that little strap post at the end of your guitar. In my case it serves double-duty by holding the strap and a TriplePlay MIDI pickup bracket. Over-tightening this screw can lead to trouble. Once the wood inside the guitar is stripped, the screw will just spin in place and never truly tighten – unless you know the toothpick trick.

Jamie, a repair tech at Guitar Center, showed me this quick fix for strap post security. He removed the screw and dropped a short piece of toothpick into the hole. This gives the screw new wood into which it can bite. The previously free-rotating screw now stays in place firmly with a rock solid hold on the TriplePlay bracket.

András Szalay at NAMM


I’m not sure how I missed this one before but here is a video of András Szalay, along with Burr Johnson, at last year’s Fishman NAMM booth. When asked how he achieved the superior tracking of the Triple Play, András, holder of six midi guitar patents, modestly replies, “I’ve had some experience.”

Gittler Guitar – Minimalism to the Max


Gittler-MIDI-OutGittler Instruments introduced the newly designed Gittler Guitar this year at the NAMM convention.

The Gittler is particularly interesting due to the hex pickups and a 13-pin output for connection to Roland guitar synth systems. The lack of a fretboard does make it look a bit challenging to play, but fear not. As the site explains:

You will only notice the lack of a fretboard in relation to the new freedom you have discovered by bending the strings downward as well as sideways, thus improving the tactile command of your pitch.

If you would like to put down a $1,000 deposit for one of the first 100 models, here is a link where you can do that very thing. Special thanks to Synthtopia for pointing out this unique instrument.

Fishman Reveals Software Bundle for Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller at NAMM 2013


Fishman Director of Marketing Chris DeMaria announced the bundled software that will ship “in the spring” with the Fishman Triple Play.

We have bundled it with some software from Native Instruments, Presonus, IK Multimedia, and Native Instruments. So we’re providing full versions of all those software components. So right out of the box consumers are going to be able to compose, perform and record like never before.

Chris wasn’t clear what these “full version components” consist of, and the box photo above is not much clearer. The screen shot on the back of the package does show advancement in design over previously shown software. Let’s hope this software bundle is worth the year-long delay it caused in shipping.

Many thanks to the good people at Harmony Central for the video clip.

Robert Godin introduces the Godin guitar with built in Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller


Many thanks to Sebo Xotta and Angelo Tordini who captured this footage of Robert Godin, founder of Godin Guitars, introducing a new guitar with a built in Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller.

This is the guitar. It’s the MIDI wireless. … You take a USB key. You go on your computer. … and the guitar talks to the USB key. No wires. No 13 pin. And it tracks like crazy.

Mr. Godin expects the guitar to cost “let’s say one thousand.”

Fishman Triple Play Packaged Product


Many thanks to Kevin White of Fishman showing us the first glimpse of a packaged Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller. This video is from the National Association of Music Manufacturers (NAMM) convection in Anaheim CA 2013.

Top 10 changes to the Fishman Triple Play 2013


Here is a quick look at a few details that have changes since last years public showing of the Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller .

10. Longer connection cable

9. Different pickup posts


8. Revised logo

7. Slightly different volume knob

6. Fancy curvy brackets

5. Software finalized

4. Cool packaging

3. Cable connects to side of pickup

2. Big blobby thing on the pickup

And the number one change to the Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller from last year:

1. It will actually ship this year.


More Pics of the Fishman Triple Play


Here is the second batch of publicity photos of the Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller. These are not quite a sexy as the first batch, but they do show some important hardware details.


Mounting brackets for the transceiver and pickup.TriplePlay_Brackets

More pics after the break

First Pics of the Fishman Triple Play


Here is the first batch of publicity photos of the soon-to-ship Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller.

The wireless unit.TrilpePlayStraightNoCord10119
More cool pics after the break

Sonuus iOS App for Wireless MIDI Guitar

The MIDI guitar space is heating up. We have waited over a year for Fishman to ship their Roland-killer hardware. But software wizards haven’t been sitting on their hands.They’ve been using them to code the next generation of Guitar to MIDI translation.

G2M_iPad_PitchbendSonuus is the latest to make the jump from silicon to App Store with the release of the G2M app for iPad. This is an iOS version of their G2M Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter. Check out the demo above for details.

I’ve owned a Sonuus G2M as well as an i2M Musicport. Both are impressive for fast hardware analogue audio to MIDI conversion. The i2M includes USB audio input in a compact package. The tracking and low-latency of both units make for a superb user experience.

If the G2M app comes close to the performance of their hardware devices, it should be a real winner. Check it out yourself for $1.99 (after January 2012 it goes up to $9.99) in the App Store.

Fishman to ship Triple Play at NAMM 2013


This year 13 will be the lucky number for those of us anxiously awaiting the Fishman Triple Play MIDI Guitar Controller. Last week I received an update on the product from Fishman.

“Everyone in the building is working on getting the Triple Play ready for NAMM.” said a Fishman representative close to the product, “The packaging is done. And we are making our final push.”

The waiting is the hardest part.

The waiting is the hardest part.

He went on to describe that the Triple Play hardware has been ready for some time. Units have been in the hands of testers and artists throughout 2012. Hardware design “has been tweaked a bit,” but  “has not changed significantly from the units shown at last years Winter NAMM show.”

The software package, which has been the biggest holdup, is finalized as of this month. And the official ship date? “We expect to have units at NAMM” he said, but later qualified it by referring to shipping being in “late January or early February.”

Fishman has hinted at expected ship dates, and announcements thereof, more than once in 2012. What has pushed back shipping on a nearly complete product for over a year? Software licensing. According to my source, it has taken this long to finalize contracts with third-party software vendors for the as-yet unannounced included synth and sound packages. It seems that getting “the software licenses we really wanted to get” took far longer than expected.

Apparently the ink is almost dry on those contracts and we can expect to see actual packaged retail units at the National Association of Music Manufacturers conference next week in Anaheim.

Click here for almost everything I know about the Triple Play.

UPDATE: Jan 21, 2013 – Fishman confirms that they “will be taking order from dealers at the NAMM show”. More on this soon.


JamOrigin’s MIDI Guitar Software Impresses


JamOrigin’s unambiguously-named MIDI Guitar software claims to be “the worlds first software solution for polyphonic guitar recognition” and that it will “turn ANY guitar into a guitar-synthesizer or record tablature simply by playing it.” While anxiously awaiting news of the Fishman Triple Play, commenter Francis recommended that I give this software-only solution a spin.

MIDI-Guitar-3I was immediately impressed by the clean interface design, low latency, and accuracy of the note tracking. Within minutes of installing MIDI Guitar the “patent-pending polyphonic pitch detection” was translating my picking and strumming into MIDI notes and chords with aplomb.

At the time of this writing, this BETA software is still in development. Even at this early stage it is in pretty good shape. MIDI Guitar is quite good at real-time transcription. It’s weakest area is expression. While it handled pitch bends well, I could not produce any variance in volume. Every note plays at almost the same volume. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in future development.

UPDATE: The guys at JamOrigin addressed the above concern (about 3-hours after this post!) saying that velocity and expression will be the subject of an upcoming update. Awesome!

MIDI-Guitar-2JamOrigin is offering a demonstration “Early Access” version of the software freely on their website and asking for guitarists feedback and demo recordings. Give it a try yourself at and let me know what you think.

Also, check out this video review/demo by David Wallimann.