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NASA uses 3D game engine to let you explore the Solar System.

Ready to control space and time? Check out Eyes on the Solar System, a downloadable 3D experience created in part with the Unity 3D game engine that allows viewers to explore the solar system, and the many spacecraft whirling through it. Fly out to the Heliosheath with Voyager, or follow Curiosity all the way to the surface of Gale crater. Doug Elision, Visualization Producer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, explains that that Eyes is “just like Google Earth, but inside out.”

Eyes combines actual NASA mission data with detailed 3D spacecraft and beautifully textured planet models to create a compelling real-time representation of the current state of the solar system. You can fast-fast forward or rewind time, as well as zoom in for extreme close-ups. Watch, from any angle, a realistic simulation of the Mars Science Laboratory spacecraft and its Rube Goldberg-esque decent and landing on the red planet.

Explore your solar system in real time at BTW, my company uses the same software for corporate communications and interactive exhibitory.

Your Third Amp – The Yamaha THR-10

The desktop guitar amp is a great idea that has yet to find it’s ideal form factor and price point. A few friends and I have seen, played and returned or Craigslisted many in a search for small sonic delight. A few of the more interesting ones were the Vox JamVox (nice software), the Zoom ZFX (cool case), the Fender G-DEC series (backing tracks galore).

Yamaha enters the fray with the THR-10, part practice amp, part USB audio device and part nightlight. Yamaha want this to be your “third amp.” Check out this comprehensive demonstration and interview with by Yamaha Product Specialist Julian Ward.

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