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The Hubbub Guitar System – Part 1 – The Plan

hubbub – noun – A loud confused noise from many sources.

The Hubub is a fitting moniker for our current iPad-based guitar system project; a melange of synth sounds, MIDI signals, analogue guitar, and the digital mayhem that ensues.

It’s doubly appropriate since a customized USB hub will be required to make it all possible, or at least practical. A primary goals of this setup is that it should run entirely from rechargeable batteries, sans power leads. It’s a lofty, but worthwhile goal. Over the next few weeks we shall see if that goal is achievable in a cost-effective way.

hubub-diagramTo the right is a diagram of the planned system. The main challenge of this computer-less approach is maintaining power for the iPad. Powering the USB hub, and the devices attached to it, from a battery is easy enough. But music software tends to drain an iPad battery quickly, so we want to be able to charge the iPad while in use. There doesn’t appear to be a product available that accomplishes this goal without a computer somewhere in the mix.

But we are working towards a solution. Soon many, if not all, of the devices below will be happily hooked up to an iPad air, buzzing along from rechargeable batteries.


Fishman Triple Play – Quadruple Neck Split

Here is 7-minutes of the awesome future or wireless MIDI guitar. It’s the latest from Fishaman at Summer NAMM 2012. This is Burr Johnson demonstrating super-fast tracking, 2-way and 4-way fret board splits and MIDI sequencing with the Fishman Triple Play MIDI controller. Special thanks to AtlasJams1, his YouTube channel and his Android phone.

The First Chord of A Hard Days Night

In this excerpt from his CBC radio program, Randy Bachman (The Guess Who, Bachman Turner Overdrive) explains the opening chord to the classic Beatles tune, A Hard Days Night. George Harrisson once described this sforzando 12-string sting thus:

It is F with a G on top, but you’ll have to ask Paul about the bass note to get the proper story.
George Harrisson – (source The Beatles Bible)

Bachman’s interest in this strident kickoff chord took him to the source. During the recent remastering sessions of the Beatles collection, Giles Martin invited him to Abbey Road for a listen. “What do you want to hear?” asked Giles, two-time Grammy winner and now official custodian of the material. Randy went straight to a ProTools assisted examination of that iconic signature, a chord that opened the song, the album, the movie, and sonically defined the The Beatles early mop-top era.

Roll on down the vinyl highway with Randy’s Vinyl Tap, Mr. Bachman’s critically acclaimed CBC radio show. And special thanks to for turning me on to the video.