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András Szalay at NAMM

I’m not sure how I missed this one before but here is a video of András Szalay, along with Burr Johnson, at last year’s Fishman NAMM booth. When asked how he achieved the superior tracking of the Triple Play, András, holder of six midi guitar patents, modestly replies, “I’ve had some experience.”

Fishman Triple Play – Quadruple Neck Split

Here is 7-minutes of the awesome future or wireless MIDI guitar. It’s the latest from Fishaman at Summer NAMM 2012. This is Burr Johnson demonstrating super-fast tracking, 2-way and 4-way fret board splits and MIDI sequencing with the Fishman Triple Play MIDI controller. Special thanks to AtlasJams1, his YouTube channel and his Android phone.

András Szalay – The Father of the Fishman Triple Play MIDI Guitar Controller

András Szalay has been designing guitar synthesisers from before the very beginning. He holds six patents related to transforming the twang and pitch of plucked strings into cold, hard data.

Wikipedia credits Szalay with designing several electronic instruments including the Wersi Electronic Grand Piano; the AKAI DuoBuddy (right) and DecaBuddy Vocal Harmonizers; the AKAI EWI 4000s and EWIUSB Electronic Wind Instruments.

He is also responsible for three generations of guitar synthesizers: Shadow GTM-6 and SH-075 in 1986, the legendary Axon series in 1997 and most recently the upcoming wireless Fishman Triple Play. Below is a video clip of Szalay playing an early prototype and Bence Bécsy demonstrating the amazing tracking capabilities of the Triple Play