Fishman Triple Play Latency Measurement

Breaking News: Accurately measured latency of the Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller.


2191 days 22 hours 13 minutes 4 seconds
and counting.


This page is dedicated to the good and patient people at the VguitarForum.

4 Comments on "Fishman Triple Play Latency Measurement"

  1. Guitarpolson says:

    Thanks, Tracy!
    I’ve laughed at loud, really nice joke..
    Fun thing is that I’ve actually did a latencytest today: jam origins Midi Guitar V0.6 is just 5 ms slower on the low E string than the midi out of a GR55, and it will be faster after optimisation.
    These are exciting times, when the Triple Play finally ships, it will find a bigger market, just because all those people testing on Midi Guitar.. And good days for the guitarsynthesizer, finally there is some real competition for Roland, because the Axon isn’t available anymore.
    So it looks guitar to midi will become mainstream soon.

  2. Francis says:

    That is funny

  3. cankut says:

    well the testing issue is really sounds charming becouse its for sure that it would require way more than it gives…from my side, after trying the famous and the finest 😀 invention of the humanity the you -admiringly- rock guitar :D…i felt directly the digital side of it will be the best solution for the main phsysics issues of the real stringed instrument and increases instruments abilities towards a keyboard but what about the excitement of rolling a riff just as spinning around two notes with ghosts pickings or sudden slides and bendings which after some time player ould not be able to pitch corectly and get into the tunes he/she would pretense in the mind or as like in the harmonics pool of the track he/she traces after…so it should react just at the time as a digitally originated device apart from being a guitar and it should work in the direction of a guitar on every edge of itself…it seems a little impossible to improve from here becouse for an example people that ive asked for if it is possible to trace the movements and verify them returning on sound like sensored frets or weight or preassure tracing bridge parts aimed to sense pitch changes immediatelly without the neccessity of analog based convertions (it is not a recording device after all it would suffice just as a controller :D) it turned out enormously expensive to get those kind of nanotech parts for a guitar player synth lover type of music something like me…after all it is definitely saying goodbye to old new days of warm electric guitar tunes and diving into a caotic experimentalism of synth modeling but nevertheless until then its all about what will it be or will it be

  4. tony says:

    i laughed out loud too .. damn im a gear nerd

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