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Quick Start your Logic Pro X experience with these tutorials.


Today’s release of Logic Pro X may have take me by surprise, but not the fine people at MacProVideo or at Lynda. They both released same-day courses for Apple’s new DAW. Both are likely worth the price of admission when it comes to a program of this depth, but here are links to the free stuff:

What’s New In Logic X Pro

MacProVideo video offers up about 45-minutes of free video covering the new features. Steve Horelick does a fine job demoing and explaining some of the more impressive features such as the new iPad-based Logic Remote, Flex Pitch, MIDI FX, Drum Kit Designer, Track Stacks, Retro Synth, and more.

Logic Pro X New Features allows non-members to watch these three samples of their new LPX course. Dot Bustelo offers a more step-by-step approach to getting students going quickly.

And more…

No doubt that there will soon me a plethora of user-created tutorials all over YouTube. Found some you like? Let me know about them and I will add them to this article.


David Earl, composer/producer and Logic Studio guru, presents a rapid fire 20 minutes on cool new not-to-be-missed features in LPX. Also look for David’s in-depth work on several MacProVideo tutorials.

Jim Dalrymple

Jim (The Loop) has been following Apple and its products for the last 17 years. He has been a guitar player for 20 years and records music  using GarageBand, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Line 6, Native Instruments, IK Multimedia, ToonTrack, FXPansion and a host of other applications. Here is his walkthrough of the impressive new Logic Drummer.


Not every tutorial needs to be an extensive all-inclusive video. The Logic Cafe offers bite-size info blasts on details that are easy to miss. Their pieces are well illustrated in a thoughtful step-by-step manner. Check out this tip at  and “never hit a wrong note again.”

Sonic Academy

Chris Agnelli of Sonic Academy is on the spot. Only a few hours after release they have several first look videos up, including this one exploring MIDI Effects and the Arpeggiator.

Dan Allen

Dan is a filmmaker in the UK. In this video he walks us through a Final Cut Pro X workflow for mixing and editing video soundtracks utilizing the new XML import/export features of Logic Pro X. Dan usually focuses on Final Cut tutorials, but promises a more in-depth look at FCPX/LPX integration soon, and more LPX tutorials if requested. Yes, please.

UPDATE – Aug 6, 2013

Groove 3

The crew at Groove3 is passionate about music technology. Apple Certified Pro Eli Krantzberg has created a 5-hour comprehensive Logic Pro X course. There is about 20-minutes of preview lessons explaining FlexPitch, using Apple Loops, and exploring various inspectors. Or, just pay the $15 bucks for a month of access to over 600 hours of their training videos. Looks like a good deal to me.

Top 10 NAB 2013 News Websites


Can’t make it to Las Vegas this year for the National Association of Broadcasters show, “where content comes to life?”  No worries. There is more live coverage than one person can possibly watch. Experience NAB vicariously through this top 10 list of NAB news website links. Check back often as I continue to update this NAB coverage list throughout the week.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 10.16.43 PMThe NAB Show

Streaming  from 9AM to 6PM Monday through Thursday, the live NAB Show coverage should be extensive, Check it out yourself at


NewTekScreen Shot 2013-04-07 at 10.26.13 PM

NewTek brought power to the people in the early 90’s with revolutionary products like the Video Toaster and LightWave 3D Take a look at their TriCaster streamed coverage. Guests will include Ji, Penn Jillete, Tom Green, and Shira Lazar.


Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 10.36.35 PMPlanet5D

planet5D is all about DSLR cameras that shoot video, and it’s run by a guy called Mitch. What more info do you need? Watch Mitch’s coverage at


Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 10.49.40 PMNAB Show Buzz w/ Larry Jordan

Larry is an internationally-renowned video consultant and Apple-Certified trainer. Get ready as he and a bevy of reporters present than 70 interviews with industry leaders right from the trade show floor. is the official podcast of the NAB Show.


Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.11.10 PMFXGuide

The gang over atFX Guide do some phenominal podcasts and traingin gin Tuesday April 9th at 10am Las Vegas time The promise to have some have some great demos and presentations from the show, as well as prizes! register for the contest at


Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.20.01 PMStudioGuide

Combining features on technology, creativity and business with daily news, video, blog posts and social media, StudioDaily keeps visitors up-to-date on critical workflow developments, new product releases, innovative techniques, notable projects and people, and industry trends.


Twitter Streams

While most of the news is about video, not all of this years revolution will be televised. Here are some of the twitter feeds to follow:

Go Pro

GoPro says that they make “arguably the most versatile cameras in the world.” The HD HERO gear-mountable cameras cams are indeed awesome for watching your world in wide-angle. Here they are in 144 high-definition characters.


Tim StreetTim Street

Tim’s latest work is called  Vids: An iPad Mystery Thriller transmedia eBook story of a jilted mistress who builds a website of revenge. Follow Tim at


Update – Monday

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.26.03

While not a bastion of NAB news, is an awesome site if you are into using Final Cut Pro (7 orX). If so, I recommend a daily visit to keep up with news, technique and plugins for Apples editing platform. You will also find some useful current coverage of FCP-related NAB info. Enjoy it all as one of the shortest URLs in the industry:

Screen Shot 2013-04-08 at 9.27.56 PMLarry’s Blog

And least we forget Larry Jordan’s personal blog, humbly titled Larry’s Blog. Larry writes lengthy, in-depth articles packed with info and knowledge of editing, post-production and the sate of the industry. Visit this one every few days for a great new article at…


And more…

Know of some other sites doing quality coverage? Be sure to post them in the comments and I will add them to the list.

Create a conditional touch area in BrightAuthor

Here is a techniques for making a touch screen area toggle between two commands in BrightAuthor. In this case, one touch area becomes a play/pause button. I needed to document this before I forgot how to do it. Let me know if you find this helpful.  Continue reading →

András Szalay at NAMM


I’m not sure how I missed this one before but here is a video of András Szalay, along with Burr Johnson, at last year’s Fishman NAMM booth. When asked how he achieved the superior tracking of the Triple Play, András, holder of six midi guitar patents, modestly replies, “I’ve had some experience.”

First Fishman Triple Play video from NAMM 2013


VGuitar Forums moderator, television producer, and guitar technology guru Elantric brings us the first video of the Fishman Triple Play from NAMM 2013.

In the first clip Benjamin Singer shows how the Triple Play clips on and off a guitar in a flash. Magnetic posts attached with thin adhesive keep the transmitter in place, while a clear plastic channel allows the pickup to slide firmly into place. Background accompaniment for both videos is provided by demonstrator extraordinaire, Burr Johnson (shown above).

Next Andy Lewis walks us through the main interface and some of the bundled software. Check out how easily one can split the fretboard into multiple instruments (2:10).

Will there be a bass version? “Absolutely!” Apparently Victor Wooten (at 3:45) really wants one (and we all really want him to have one, I’m sure), and founder Larry Fishman is a bass player. A floorboard unit with a 5-pin MIDI output is “on the roadmap” (4:50) but Andy did not want to discuss future products. Roland owners should not be holding their breath for 13-pin out (5:23). At 7:50 Andy discusses Fishman’s philosophy on the market and customer for MIDI guitar.

Andy Lewis on tracking accuracy; “A lot of traditional MIDI guitar products require extremely clean playing… to make this product have broad appeal we’ve worked very hard to make the product work with nearly any kind of guitar player. … It took a little extra work to make it work with different playing styles.”

David Mash presents The Macintosh for Guitarists at Macworld 2013


David Mash is the Senior Vice President for Innovation, Strategy, & Technology for the Berklee College of Music. Who better  to present The Macintosh for Guitarists tech talk at his year’s Macworld iWorld.

David-Mash-Macworld-PresentationJudging from his slide deck, he gave a comprehensive overview of computer-centric guitar technology with particular emphasis on MIDI guitar interfaces, applications, setup, and usage.

Friend-of-the-site Braccio was at the presentation. He reports from the scene that Mr. Mash, who is a long time Roland Guitar Synth user, is “completely sold” on the accuracy and reliability of the Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller (FTP for short). “I saw David play a couple of times this week at MacWorld” said Braccio, ” and he used the Fishman each time with no issues.”

Also in attendance at the session was Robert Godin, founder of Godin Guitars. They introduced a new guitar last week at the NAMM show with an integrated FTP. Braccio reports that  Mr. Godin is also “completely sold on the Triple Play. Godin Guitars will be moving over to using the Fishman rolling out new models in April (nylon string) and May.”

Check out David Mash’s extensive web site at

Fishman at Macworld


Braccio, a regular at the VGuitarForums, reports from San Francisco that Fishman Transducers has a presence on the show floor at Macworld iWorld 2013. They are in booth 951. Godin Guitars is also displaying at Macworld for the first time. Coincidence?

This is a great move for Fishman. The technology press will be all over this. Hitching their MIDI wagon to the iPad, and being a first of its kind on the device is a fantastic strategy for lots of free press.

The Fishman Triple Play was also featured onstage during David Mash’s tech talk, The Macintosh for Guitarists. David is Senior VP for Innovation, Strategy, and Technology at Berklee College of Music. A long time MIDI guitar devotee, David is excited about the Triple Play’s uses in transcription and education, according to Elantric who spoke with David at last week’s NAMM conference. Elantric, a long time moderator at VGuitarForums, predicts that most music students will soon own Triple Plays “as part of their 2014 curriculum. Rather like some schools now require iPads.”

Last year when I wrote this article, I was concerned about Fishman entering a product category that a huge company like Roland with all its resources could not seem to figure out how to take it to the masses. Today many of my fears for Fishman, and the future of MIDI guitar, are alleviated. Look for lots of tech, and general public, press about the Fishman Triple Play over the next week or so.

Dang, I wish I had gone to Macworld this year. I was there last year.

Gittler Guitar – Minimalism to the Max


Gittler-MIDI-OutGittler Instruments introduced the newly designed Gittler Guitar this year at the NAMM convention.

The Gittler is particularly interesting due to the hex pickups and a 13-pin output for connection to Roland guitar synth systems. The lack of a fretboard does make it look a bit challenging to play, but fear not. As the site explains:

You will only notice the lack of a fretboard in relation to the new freedom you have discovered by bending the strings downward as well as sideways, thus improving the tactile command of your pitch.

If you would like to put down a $1,000 deposit for one of the first 100 models, here is a link where you can do that very thing. Special thanks to Synthtopia for pointing out this unique instrument.

Fishman Reveals Software Bundle for Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller at NAMM 2013


Fishman Director of Marketing Chris DeMaria announced the bundled software that will ship “in the spring” with the Fishman Triple Play.

We have bundled it with some software from Native Instruments, Presonus, IK Multimedia, and Native Instruments. So we’re providing full versions of all those software components. So right out of the box consumers are going to be able to compose, perform and record like never before.

Chris wasn’t clear what these “full version components” consist of, and the box photo above is not much clearer. The screen shot on the back of the package does show advancement in design over previously shown software. Let’s hope this software bundle is worth the year-long delay it caused in shipping.

Many thanks to the good people at Harmony Central for the video clip.

Robert Godin introduces the Godin guitar with built in Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller


Many thanks to Sebo Xotta and Angelo Tordini who captured this footage of Robert Godin, founder of Godin Guitars, introducing a new guitar with a built in Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller.

This is the guitar. It’s the MIDI wireless. … You take a USB key. You go on your computer. … and the guitar talks to the USB key. No wires. No 13 pin. And it tracks like crazy.

Mr. Godin expects the guitar to cost “let’s say one thousand.”

Fishman Triple Play Packaged Product


Many thanks to Kevin White of Fishman showing us the first glimpse of a packaged Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller. This video is from the National Association of Music Manufacturers (NAMM) convection in Anaheim CA 2013.

PreSonus Live from NAMM 2013


Presonus is doing exceptional coverage live from their NAMM 2013 booth. Live product presentations are mixed with giveaways, demo videos, and excellent performances. The video below is a scant 2 hours of the live content archived on at It’s all worth watching, but you can skip to the 53-minute mark to catch Victor Wooten, and to 1:08:00 for a set from L’angelus.

PreSonus will be mixing the performances and posting the MP3s for downloading after NAMM. Check back here in a few days for the links.

Can’t get enough? There’s three more hours of video after the break.