Standing in line for The Grid – position 23,704.


You may have noticed that I’m not the most prolific blogger around. But hey, this website is not to going to build itself. Or is it?

The Grid is a new web platform that promises “AI websites that build themselves.” Just throw a mess of media at it; text, photos, videos, URLs, whatever, and it will “automatically shape them into a custom website.” It’s a bold but theoretically achievable goal. So far over 50,000 people have felt confident or curious enough to plunk down $96 to be among the first The Grid users. A few weeks ago the site open the system to 100 beta users. They expect to roll it out to the remaining founding members in phases over the next 6 months.

I signed up in March as founding member #23,704. I plan to experiment with it by converting this WordPress blog to the The Grid platform. If that goes well, I will likely rework my business site with it next.

Interest in signing up? Use this link, THEGRID.IO/#23704, and they will kindly kick back a founders finder fee ($25) to me! Then you tell three friends, and so on, and so on. Thanks in advance.

As president of Tracy Evans Productions, Inc. for over 18 years Tracy splits his time between being an animator, director, producer, stage magician, graphic designer, art director, programmer, editor, consultant, speaker and writer of third-person autobiographical blurbs.

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