AdrenaLinn Sync to sync no more.


After five years on the market, Roger Linn has discontinued sales and development of his awesome modulation effects plugin AdrenaLinn Sync. It’s unique filter effects will mostly live on in the hardware version but, sadly, the convenience and flexibility of the software version will cease to be installable “on new computers after May 10, 2016”.

In an email sent to Sync owners in April, Linn laid out two reasons for the software’s demise. Firstly the five-year old 32-bit code can no longer be installed in Mac OS X Yosemite. From Roger’s email:

I don’t know how to write plug-ins, so AdrenaLinn Sync was developed in conjunction with a small software developer called Way Out Ware (Jim Heintz). I did the design, graphics, presets and testing and Jim did all the underlying code. While it was a great plug-in at its release in 2010, its 32-bit format has gotten someone old and our installer can’t be installed into Mac OS X Yosemite. I’ve been waiting for three years for Jim to deliver a 64-bit Yosemite-compatible update–much less a 64-bit VST or AAX version–but he seems unable to finish it. And he prefers not give me access to the source code, so trying to find someone else willing to finish it isn’t an option.

In addition to the decaying code base, the online service Sync uses for copy protection has raised their annual licensing fee to about double of Linn’s “current annual income from AdrenaLinn Sync.”

tantra-bigI’ve been a fan of Linn’s “beat-synced effects” since its first incarnation in the M-Audio Black Box from 2006. I will miss the freaky noises and elegant interface of AdrenaLinn Sync. It is sad to see this creative tool vanish due to the political and financial realities of the software business.

My collection of metal-clad guitar pedals will unchangingly flange and distort well into a postapocalyptic future. Software-based guitar system, by their very nature, are built atop the shifting sands of chipset revisions, OS upgrades and VSTs of the month. Some might recommend “freezing the system” and never upgrading the OS as a solution. It’s an utterly practical solution, but completely defeats the advantage of software-based instruments. How many keyboard players do you know who are still running Ataris or C64s?

Looking forward, LTantra, a VST plugin by Dmitry Sches may be a worthy replacement. I will be testing it out over the next few weeks.

Farewell AdrenaLinn Sync. May you forever beat-sync effects in software heaven.

As president of Tracy Evans Productions, Inc. for over 18 years Tracy splits his time between being an animator, director, producer, stage magician, graphic designer, art director, programmer, editor, consultant, speaker and writer of third-person autobiographical blurbs.

4 Comments on "AdrenaLinn Sync to sync no more."

  1. Tommy Mandel says:

    Tracy – I was sticking with 10.9.5 just so I could keep my Adrenalinn Sync humming along (via 32Lives) in MainStage 3.24 and DP9….until my MBP (late 2011) had a hardware issue (known by Apple who replaced the Logic Board for free.) Yup, you got it – even though I put my install of AdrenaLinn Sync back on Roger’s computers before sending my MBP out, just in case what happened happened, I’d forgotten about the May 10, 2016 cut-off date. Sure enough, Nalpeiron, the software authorizing agent, thinks it’s a new computer. But at any rate, I haven’t been able to install Adrenalinn Sync any more. (I even tried that old trick of changing the system time/date! as if.) Sigh. I do like Tantra, but I’ve not been able to get the nice round transients on the low end, coupled with the sense of space that Roger’s Plug-in gave.
    So if you do hear of anything closer to Adrenalinn Sync, please get back to me. Or if you’ve managed to tweak Tantra to sound like it, I’ll definitely invest in your tweaks. And I can send back a few of my own, as I do own Tantra too, fwiw. Thanks! -™-

    • Tracy Evans says:

      Thanks Tommy, I haven’t found anything like Adrenalinne Sync since it sunk. I’ve not had much time for Tantra in a while.

      • Tommy Mandel says:

        Tracy, I just picked up BigSequencer2 which is pretty good at doing the filtering and gating. but isn’t the same in other ways. I’m still hoping when Roger has some time, he will give his blessing to a Kickstarter campaign so we can fund DRM for another year, and get us some more installs!

  2. Tommy Mandel says:

    I thought maybe we could kickstart adrenalinn sync with a crowd sourced move to extend the installation period for a month, or even a year by paying Nalperiron’s fee, but they won’t deal with end users, and I’m not sure Roger would accept this.

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