Learn 3D in One (Intense) Weekend


Got 20 hours? That’s all it takes to start adding 3D graphics and animation to your skill set. Even if you’ve never ventured into the third dimension of graphic design, you can dive in and start creating impressive imagery right away with this very friendly course from the generous pseudo-simians at Grey Scale Gorilla … for free.

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.18.51 AMIntroduction to Cinema 4D is a comprehensive learn-by-doing video tutorial series that walks you through the basics of working in 3D and the most important functions of Cinema 4D. The Gorilla guys keep the course interesting and moving by presenting usable, practical examples that relate to graphic production.

This is not some long-winded tour of every program button, trudging through software menus section by section. The pace is brisk and the enthusiasm of the instructors (Chris Schmidt and Nick Campbell) contagious.

I have meant to start using C4D for some time. Having come from a long history with LightWave and SketchUp (and Sculpt 3D on the Amiga back in the day) however, I really wasn’t looking forward to taking on yet another 3D environment. But temped by the unique motion graphics and dynamics tools in C4D, and the wealth of educational and inspirational materials at Grey Scale Gorilla, I am finding learning C4D easy and super fun. Thanks Chris and Nick!

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