The Hubbub Guitar System – Part 1 – The Plan

hubbub – noun – A loud confused noise from many sources.

The Hubub is a fitting moniker for our current iPad-based guitar system project; a melange of synth sounds, MIDI signals, analogue guitar, and the digital mayhem that ensues.

It’s doubly appropriate since a customized USB hub will be required to make it all possible, or at least practical. A primary goals of this setup is that it should run entirely from rechargeable batteries, sans power leads. It’s a lofty, but worthwhile goal. Over the next few weeks we shall see if that goal is achievable in a cost-effective way.

hubub-diagramTo the right is a diagram of the planned system. The main challenge of this computer-less approach is maintaining power for the iPad. Powering the USB hub, and the devices attached to it, from a battery is easy enough. But music software tends to drain an iPad battery quickly, so we want to be able to charge the iPad while in use. There doesn’t appear to be a product available that accomplishes this goal without a computer somewhere in the mix.

But we are working towards a solution. Soon many, if not all, of the devices below will be happily hooked up to an iPad air, buzzing along from rechargeable batteries.


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One Comment on "The Hubbub Guitar System – Part 1 – The Plan"

  1. Luiz says:

    Hey there, any update on that?

    I am going to do a rig based on a iPad Air 2, bias fx, with a M Audio interface with MIDI, a midi foot controller, the apple camera kit and some Jackery Titan power banks (including USB to 9vDC adaptor, for use with regular pedals, wireless systems, etc.).

    The missing part is a usb hub that can handle all that and power all the units while being powered by the power bank.

    Any recomendation?


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