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It’s hard to argue with Rob O’Rilley when he says that the visual design of guitars has been stagnant for 50 years; “Everyone is playing the same model. The visuality of it is a huge part, but also the functionality is a huge part.” Being a fashion-conscious musician, he decided to take on both of these challenges himself. He also chose to take on investors to help him push his dream axe forward.

Dragon’s Den is a reality television show where budding entrepreneurs pitch ideas to a panel of venture capitalists. Rob successfully secured angel funding for the business there, and followed it up with a successful Kickstarter campaign.

image-beguitar-fullToday his Killarney, Ireland shop is in full production, and his BE Guitar is garnering good press. Rob’s business goal is as clear as his guitar; to sell 2000 instruments in the first year. Sure it looks cool, has innovative functionality, and is reasonably priced for a hand crafted instrument, but how does it play? I should know in a week or so when mine arrives.

From the BE Guitar Website:

Features such as Personalisation, its genius balance bar and optional iphone interface brings guitar design to a new level. Matt black charcoal finish, gloss white fretboard and transparent acrylic centre gives BE-Guitar its stunning look.

This plexiglass picker will become the centerpiece of an entirely new iPad-based guitar rig I am designing. Inspired by JamUp, the best guitar multi-effects software on the planet according to none-too-modest developer Positive Grid, I have decided to shelve the THR Rig, my first laptop-based digital system, and go all out i.

As president of Tracy Evans Productions, Inc. for over 18 years Tracy splits his time between being an animator, director, producer, stage magician, graphic designer, art director, programmer, editor, consultant, speaker and writer of third-person autobiographical blurbs.

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  1. Albertpbl says:

    Hi Lisa thank you for the invitation. We sort of met when you posetd the 3 chord carols on You Tube & I appreciate your invitation to join your community here. I just read thru’ most of the posts here & recognized Jim Scanlan from Acoustic Guitar Community. Jim & I have spoken a number of times there but what a small world this music world is really! Hi Jim!I also noticed there were a number of people here with special things to overcome & I am among them. I began playing at the age of 12. Self taught for the most part using an old Harmony Jamboree guitar that a friend of my mothers left at our house for a year. It came with a little cardboard card with chord finger diagrams & I experimented from those until I was able to play.From there I was in a band for 8 years as a rhythm guitarist. I didn’t do much singing have about a one octave range & could do voice overs for Minnie Mouse. But I loved my guitar! At that time I had a Gibson LG1 & my beloved soulmate, a 1964 Framus Falcon12 a guitar that was almost destroyed when movers stored it unprotected in desert heat for 10 months. More on that in a moment.Things in my life were going along smoothly til May of 2001 when I had a brain aneurysm which paralyzed my left side. End of guitar playing, plus a few other things for awhile.But then the move from Vegas & the (almost) destruction of my beautiful Framus. I found a very talented man who works at Martin guitars & he repaired my guitar. At that point I thought if my baby can be fixed & ready to play again, so can I! And I felt that if I was going to have to relearn everything, why not learn to finger pick or flat pick something I’d wanted to do my entire life!It was that determination which brought me to your 3 chord carols on You Tube & here I am today. My hand works, I have all the tools I need in my brain to play, but just need to get the message from the brain to the fingers. For some reason your method has enabled me & it is happening. Glacially slow, but happening! =)I look forward to getting better yet with your assistance. Thanks for being here. ♥~Ginger~

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