Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh


Sixteen years later, the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh is still one of the coolest computers every built. I just unboxed mine after about 10 years of storage, plugged it in, and it booted right up.


Here is Sir Jony Ive introducing the product in 1997.

If you imagine an object there is a television, that’s a radio, that’s a computer, whatever computer means. You imagine an object that has an incredible sound system. You imagine all of those functionalities, all of those technologies converging into one object. What should that object be. What on earth should it look like?

From MacWorld – July 1997

The Twentieth-Anniversary Macintosh is also a piece of desktop sculpture, with the components housed in an impossibly slim curved enclosure that combines the all-in-one look of the original Mac with the svelte luxury of a Bang & Olufsen stereo system. The subwoofer and the Mac’s power supply, linked to the main unit by a half-inch-thick cable, reside in a separate oval enclosure that resembles the smokestack on a 1930s ocean liner, with a rubber ring around the top. Visually, it’s a knockout.

Aimed at hard-core aficionados and wealthy collectors, this new Mac is mainly a commemorative item celebrating Apple’s 20th year on the planet–a three-dimensional thank-you note to the millions of Mac fans who remained loyal through the recent dark period, as well as a reminder to the PC crowd that the people in Cupertino still make the most innovative products around.


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