András Szalay at NAMM


I’m not sure how I missed this one before but here is a video of András Szalay, along with Burr Johnson, at last year’s Fishman NAMM booth. When asked how he achieved the superior tracking of the Triple Play, András, holder of six midi guitar patents, modestly replies, “I’ve had some experience.”

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One Comment on "András Szalay at NAMM"

  1. Murray says:

    Hey Tracy, great blog mate.
    Love Burr’s slip at 1:02 “you don’t want this crap… you don’t want any new technology messing with your vintage” – ha! classic! András is gonna be pissed about that one… even with the AK at the end 2:05 🙂
    Well I will be getting the Tripleplay in any event. I expect it will not last as long as my guitar, but hopefully I will get a few good years out of it for the amount it costs.

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