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Braccio, a regular at the VGuitarForums, reports from San Francisco that Fishman Transducers has a presence on the show floor at Macworld iWorld 2013. They are in booth 951. Godin Guitars is also displaying at Macworld for the first time. Coincidence?

This is a great move for Fishman. The technology press will be all over this. Hitching their MIDI wagon to the iPad, and being a first of its kind on the device is a fantastic strategy for lots of free press.

The Fishman Triple Play was also featured onstage during David Mash’s tech talk, The Macintosh for Guitarists. David is Senior VP for Innovation, Strategy, and Technology at Berklee College of Music. A long time MIDI guitar devotee, David is excited about the Triple Play’s uses in transcription and education, according to Elantric who spoke with David at last week’s NAMM conference. Elantric, a long time moderator at VGuitarForums, predicts that most music students will soon own Triple Plays “as part of their 2014 curriculum. Rather like some schools now require iPads.”

Last year when I wrote this article, I was concerned about Fishman entering a product category that a huge company like Roland with all its resources could not seem to figure out how to take it to the masses. Today many of my fears for Fishman, and the future of MIDI guitar, are alleviated. Look for lots of tech, and general public, press about the Fishman Triple Play over the next week or so.

Dang, I wish I had gone to Macworld this year. I was there last year.

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  1. guitarno says:

    Very interesting. Please keep us updated if you get more details. I’m curious as to what extent the FTP will work with IOS devices and how that may be able to be used to control the FTP in a live situation.

  2. I hadn’t heard of this before but have been looking for a good ( and relatively inexpensive) midi guitar system. I was able to play with this for about ten minutes at MacWorld and was very impressed with its ability to track and the reasonable level of latency. I’m a classical player and the Fishman did a great job tracking my fingerings, trils and complex arpeggios. I will definitely be getting one of these. Very, very nice.

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