Robert Godin introduces the Godin guitar with built in Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller

Many thanks to Sebo Xotta and Angelo Tordini who captured this footage of Robert Godin, founder of Godin Guitars, introducing a new guitar with a built in Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller.

This is the guitar. It’s the MIDI wireless. … You take a USB key. You go on your computer. … and the guitar talks to the USB key. No wires. No 13 pin. And it tracks like crazy.

Mr. Godin expects the guitar to cost “let’s say one thousand.”

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3 Comments on "Robert Godin introduces the Godin guitar with built in Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller"

  1. Francis says:

    Here we go again! I wonder how many people, when they hear the term “wireless” assume that to mean NO WIRES! when of course in the case of the Triple Play this is not the case. Mr. Godin emphasizes this point in the clip but is it true? Is this truly a wireless guitar or will it need a normal guitar lead for normal guitar function?

    Will we have to for a year plus for this as we have the Triple Play?

  2. Deebs says:

    1000 wow no way…. i want a midi for stage, wireless is cool for the home studio…

  3. mapperboy says:

    I believe Godin’s OEM version incorporated into the guitar models follows the original design of the Triple Play…i.e. yes the guitar will be wireless as it needs no cables to connecting it to a sound module. Of course the guitars will have normal pickups as well with tone controls and a std 1/4″ jack on the body.
    The Fishman device is essentially a magnetic pickup (haven’t heard mention of a piezo version yet).and an analog-digital conversion circuit all on-board and mounted on the instrument which converts the string sounds to a midi data stream….
    The Godin installation will I assume be cosmetically clean and completely integrated into a chamber of the body as an active pickup system would be. Not sure if the Godin design will have a the magnetic pickup simply mounted as another pickup near the bridge or if it will somehow be more concealed but I suspect it will simply be sitting on the top along with the traditional mag pickups.
    The pickup and on board hardware controller communicates (unless the design has changed recently) via a built-in wireless transmitter (i.e. at radio freqs in the same Ghz ranges as a router and wireless computer card) to a USB thumb mounted receiver plugged into a USB port on a PC or MAC (This was the last config I saw although rumours have also mentioned a dedicated receiver that could be hooked to a dedicated sound module such as a rack synth and not requiring a host computer).
    The final sound generated and produced would be entirely dependent on the waveform/synthesis and sound banks loaded on the computer or in the module.
    The biggest product release delay apparently (say Fishman insiders) is that Fishman is ‘bundling’ ,as Godin mentions in the video, a lot of software with the purchase price of the hardware.
    Many VGuitar forum regulars have indicated that they are not interested in this concept; that they already have plenty of DAW and other sound processing software already and just want the pickup but at this point unfortunatey it seems to be a marketing decision that Fishman has taken and talk of having an option to purchase of pickup alone has faded.
    For a full ongoing and often updated discussion of the in’s out’s and rampant speculations about the design/feature details and when the Fishman Triple Play will hit the market, I encourage you to visit and join Its one of best moderated forums I’ve found around the V (virtual) guitar concepts.

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