More Pics of the Fishman Triple Play


Here is the second batch of publicity photos of the Fishman Triple Play Wireless Guitar Controller. These are not quite a sexy as the first batch, but they do show some important hardware details.


Mounting brackets for the transceiver and pickup.TriplePlay_Brackets

Side view showing USB connection.TrilpePlayUSide_USB_10128

Power and Network buttons.

The USB receiver plugs into a laptop, or an iPad with the Camera Connection Kit or one of these  third-party Lightning Connectors (if you dare.)

It is great to see final ready-to-ship hardware from Fishman. You can see it for yourself at this weeks NAMM2013 show. If you go, please send me some pics.

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2 Comments on "More Pics of the Fishman Triple Play"

  1. john says:

    hmmmm…. that big knob part of the pickup and cable seem to be precariously placed right where your palm rests!? I’m a little worried about the fit with various guitars as well… I will make it work no matter what;-)

  2. Deebs says:

    Nah its gonna be far back palm sits on the bridge about should be good wondering about the midi hookups no legit guitarist wants laptops live

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