Sonuus iOS App for Wireless MIDI Guitar

The MIDI guitar space is heating up. We have waited over a year for Fishman to ship their Roland-killer hardware. But software wizards haven’t been sitting on their hands.They’ve been using them to code the next generation of Guitar to MIDI translation.

G2M_iPad_PitchbendSonuus is the latest to make the jump from silicon to App Store with the release of the G2M app for iPad. This is an iOS version of their G2M Universal Guitar to MIDI Converter. Check out the demo above for details.

I’ve owned a Sonuus G2M as well as an i2M Musicport. Both are impressive for fast hardware analogue audio to MIDI conversion. The i2M includes USB audio input in a compact package. The tracking and low-latency of both units make for a superb user experience.

If the G2M app comes close to the performance of their hardware devices, it should be a real winner. Check it out yourself for $1.99 (after January 2012 it goes up to $9.99) in the App Store.

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  1. Johnson Alex says:

    Very great post, this application puts a high level of usability. guitarist can use this for their music experimental. This application will surely be a great advantage for them to know more about what could be the alternative way to improve their knowledge.

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