JamOrigin’s MIDI Guitar Software Impresses

JamOrigin’s unambiguously-named MIDI Guitar software claims to be “the worlds first software solution for polyphonic guitar recognition” and that it will “turn ANY guitar into a guitar-synthesizer or record tablature simply by playing it.” While anxiously awaiting news of the Fishman Triple Play, commenter Francis recommended that I give this software-only solution a spin.

MIDI-Guitar-3I was immediately impressed by the clean interface design, low latency, and accuracy of the note tracking. Within minutes of installing MIDI Guitar the “patent-pending polyphonic pitch detection” was translating my picking and strumming into MIDI notes and chords with aplomb.

At the time of this writing, this BETA software is still in development. Even at this early stage it is in pretty good shape. MIDI Guitar is quite good at real-time transcription. It’s weakest area is expression. While it handled pitch bends well, I could not produce any variance in volume. Every note plays at almost the same volume. Hopefully this issue will be addressed in future development.

UPDATE: The guys at JamOrigin addressed the above concern (about 3-hours after this post!) saying that velocity and expression will be the subject of an upcoming update. Awesome!

MIDI-Guitar-2JamOrigin is offering a demonstration “Early Access” version of the software freely on their website and asking for guitarists feedback and demo recordings. Give it a try yourself at http://www.jamorigin.com/midi-guitar/vst.html and let me know what you think.

Also, check out this video review/demo by David Wallimann.

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4 Comments on "JamOrigin’s MIDI Guitar Software Impresses"

  1. Francis says:

    It is important to note that a 0 setting on the velocity slider gives a dynamic setting, this should allow for better volume variance, though at times a fixed velocity keeps it stable and volume can be played with in the piano roll (no use for performance however) I believe the developer is going to give the sensitivity more headroom this should help.

  2. JamOrigin says:

    Thanks for the post, Tracy!

    We are aware of the velocity and expression limitations in the current BETA. This will be the topic of an entire update.

  3. namez says:

    What to buy – Triple by 400$ or Origin Jam for $ 100? How they realy differ tracking and soft features? Why did so many years no one could make a similar software, it’s very cool and does not require any pickup.

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