Fishman is sounding great, but not saying much.

In reference to Fishman pre-announcing an announcement planned for the end of summer, Ben Tidea writes in to ask, “It’s August now … any news yet??”

Summer brings with it the longest days of the year. This year they feel a bit longer as we anxiously await word of a ship date for the Fishman Triple Play MIDI Guitar Controller. Meteorologists designate that seasons begin and end arbitrarily in sync with the calendar month. It’s unknown who made them the boss of time, but let’s hope that Fishman concurs, making the anticipated announcement just a couple of weeks away.

Until then, here is another impressive demo video to get us through summer’s diēs caniculārēs. Burr Johnson tears it up for the Harmony Central cameras.

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13 Comments on "Fishman is sounding great, but not saying much."

  1. Frank Lawrence says:

    I asked Fishman cutomer support via email and the answer was end of the year. Hopefully we’ll all have a Merry Xmas…

  2. Jeff says:

    It’s now mid October. Looks like vapor ware.

  3. Francis says:

    How will this device take the magnetic signal from the guitar pickups and get it into my DAW ? I have heard that it only transmits the signal from the hex pickup which kinda makes it a Single Play. Does the Fishman pickup do this?

    • Tracy Evans says:

      The Triple Play has it’s own pickup and a pitch-to-midi engine. It functions in a similar fashion to a Roland GK-3 pickup and Roland GR-55 synth. MIDI Guitar works by translating the notes you play to MIDI data as you play. The MIDI data is transmitted wirelessly to your computer where it can be routed to a DAW or synthesizer.

      • Francis says:

        I realise this Tracy, I was referring to the potential for this device to ‘mix’ it has, after all, a three position switch Mix, Synth, Guitar. as far as I can tell the Mix and the Guitar functions are redundant as this will only transmit the midi data. It would seem that you have to use your normal (wired) outlet for normal magnetic signal if you wish to blend both Midi and magnetic or indeed have the option to switch between them, so to call this a ‘wireless guitar controller’ if this is the case , is a bit of a misnomer

        • Tracy Evans says:

          Correct, you need a regular guitar cable to get the analog audio out of your guitar. Only the MIDI is transmitted wirelessly.

          I am presuming the Guitar/Mix/Synth switch works like the one on the Roland GK-3, switching the various outputs on and off. In Mix mode, both the analog and the MIDI are on. In Guitar mode, analog is on and the MIDI is off. In Synth mode, analog is off and MIDI is on. (I’m not sure how the Triple Play switches the analog off since it doesn’t appear to be connected to it, but I will ask around and see what I can find out.)

          Regarding the monomer, MIDI keyboards are generally referred to as controllers. I am guessing that’s why they chose the word controller rather than transmitter so as not to confuse this with a wireless audio transmitter.

          • Francis says:

            On the GK3 you could plug a patch lead into it and the analogue would be sent down the 13pin cable and then outputted from whatever unit you used (in my case GI20 and Axon AX50) it would have made such good sense to have the same system on this and therefore have a true wireless controller.

            Also keyboards are always referred to as Midi controllers Fishman call this a guitar controller when in fact it would be more accurate to call it a midi controller for guitar.

            I still bet it will be a very cool bit of kit, for me the ability to real time tweak is something I value, I had that with the Axon but lost it with the upgrade to Mountain Lion.

          • Tracy Evans says:

            it would have made such good sense to have the same system on this and therefore have a true wireless controller.

            While the addition of wireless analog transmission would indeed be very cool, it would have no doubt added several hundred dollars to the cost.

          • Francis says:

            This is a very good point…

  4. Francis says:


    Well I have been messing around with the Jamorigin software and it is WAY better than I expected it to be . $99 no hardware I am going to work with this for a bit.. 90% of the problems I have encountered with guitar synth is down to my technique , this software tracks fine works with my DAW and provides me with an opportunity to get my midi style down and see if the TP lives up to the hype cos Burr Johnson I aint’….

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