Fishman to Announce Triple Play Guitar Controller Ship Date


According to sources close to the company, Fishman Transducers, Inc. is preparing to make a public announcement regarding the anxiously awaited Triple Play Guitar Controller around “the end of the summer.” At that time they will “show the final production hardware and announce a ship date.”

Near final hardware and work-in-progress software were the feature of the Fishman stand at this years NAMM conference in Anaheim. Live demos wowed the crowds and YouTube videos have keep the virtual buzz going online for a few months. Previously announced shipping dates have slipped and the company has virtually gone dark with info on the Triple Play.

Available for Preorder?

At least one online retailer has taken the initiative to accept preorders on the unit. is featuring the Triple Play on their site with a retail price of $299 and a delivery date of  “August/September ” although further down the page it states the unit is “slated to release in June.” which is incorrect according to Fishman sources.

It looks like ExpressMusicInc cut-and-pasted old information for their advert. As of this writing the Triple Play has yet to show up on sites of any of the larger online retailers such as Musicians Friend, Sweetwater or Guitar Center, although two of the three do offer the Harmon Triple Play Trumpet Mute.

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6 Comments on "Fishman to Announce Triple Play Guitar Controller Ship Date"

  1. Mark Phillips says:

    Oh, drool! I have been watching the videos and I can’t wait for this to come out. I just bought a Yamaha Motif XF, but I am a much better guitarist than keyboardist. This is gonna make writing and live shows so much fun. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  2. Ben Tidea says:

    It’s August now … any news yet??

  3. JAMES L. HARRISON says:

    I’m a little leery of any site offering something on pre-order that no one else has that has four or more simple grammar errors in the first three sentences…

  4. David Ellul says:

    I’m now seeing the few sites that are listing this for pre-order saying that shipping date has been moved forward to 2013. If so, I think I’m just going to have to pick up the Godin instead. I need something a bit sooner than “sometime in the future but we’ll keep delaying it”.

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