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The programming wizards at Fishman continue to toil night and day on software worthy of what could be a tipping point for MIDI guitar. When the Fishman Triple Play Guitar Controller ships later this year it will include at least two pieces of software, hopefully as innovative as the hardware it accompanies.

The standalone software is still cloaked in secrecy as negotiations continue behind the scenes with undisclosed vendors and partners. Fishman is determined to ship the unit with Mac and PC software that includes a library of sounds and effects for DAWless customers. It is expected to include all the effects and editors of its more interesting software plugin brother. Software for iOS is also expected.

Fishman showed off the current state of the software at the 2012 NAMM conference in Anaheim. In addition to patch selection, tuner and other expected elements, it includes an elegant graphic interface for setting up split configurations over the fret board and a display with real-time visual feedback on notes as they are fretted. A Fishaman representative recently told me (while reiterating that all is still in development and subject to change) that configuring split setups will be as easy as dragging a selection across the screen to assign different instruments to different strings or sections of the fretboard.

Recent online discussions have questioned the Triple Play’s ability to track slides, string bends and other staples of guitar playing. Fishman assures me that all this and more is supported by the Triple Play. Bend parameters will be as configurable and flexible as any MIDI instrument, allowing the user to control the range and extremities of pitch bends based on individual patches. For example, you probably want your Synth sound to bend more than your Piano patch. (Or maybe not. You choose.)

Some of the greatest minds in MIDI guitar are working on this product (more on that in a future article) and it appears at this stage the Triple Play will equal or surpass any other existing guitar MIDI product. If Fishman can ship a simple graphic interface for setting parameters and patch settings, this should help propel them miles ahead of the currently cumbersom Roland competition and their nonexistent software editor. Actually there is an excellent software editor for the Roland GR-55 created by a skilled and dedicated user. Apparently Roland Corporation could not be bothered to provide such an essential tool.

Exciting times await the patient MIDI guitar enthusiasts out there.

As president of Tracy Evans Productions, Inc. for over 18 years Tracy splits his time between being an animator, director, producer, stage magician, graphic designer, art director, programmer, editor, consultant, speaker and writer of third-person autobiographical blurbs.

9 Comments on "Fishman Triple Play – The Software"

  1. Kurt Gaetano says:

    Looks excellent – i can’t wait for it’s release. I currently use a VG-99 sending MIDI out to an old hardware synth module (Roland JV-2080). The sounds you can get with hardware or software based synths are amazing, but the playability (latency, ghost notes, and other triggering issues) can make some of these sounds almost unusable using a guitar as a MIDI controller. I really like the VG-99, and the MIDI out function is not bad, but I do have plenty of tracking issues with some sounds, and they sometimes take a lot of fine tuning to get them to play decently.

    If the Triple Play really tracks & performs as well as it looks like from the NAMM videos, it’s going to be a huge improvement.

    Hopefully it will allow for more guitar specific techniques (hammer-ons’s, pull-offs, slides, bends) without so many glitches.

    Thanks for doing the updates on this. Keep us up to date with any new info you may hear of. I will definitely be in line for one when they are available.

  2. Isaac Carrizal says:

    There has yet to be released a product that can cross platforms and markets like this has the potential to do. Triple Play seems conceivable to use within education, gaming, and performance markets. If it has an easy to use (read: not Roland-esque) hardware module for non-computerized live use in addition to PC platform interface, then there should be no shortage of development partners to work with.

  3. Ernie says:

    I hope it will enclude the patch used by Burr for the Wes Montgomery demo. Will this controller allow me to track midi in Pro Tools? I’ll get one if it does.

  4. kriso says:

    i am waiting so long now..does anyone have any news?? i would buy it immediate. such a great tool espacially for guitarists that expresses themselves on guitar the most.
    thx for any updates!

  5. Kurt Gaetano says:

    That’s great news Tracy! Any news would be welcome – Please keep us up to date. I for one am a little weary of the multiple delays, and lack of news from Fishman on the up-comming Triple Play, but I think if it works like they have previewed it at the NAMM shows, it could be a real game changer and worth the wait!
    I have pre-ordered the Triple Play so when it’s finally released, I’ll be in line to get one. I sure hope it’s close to being as good as advertised!

  6. kriso says:

    thanx for that!! hope the big wait is over!

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