Psychedelic Zoom – Problems with new iPad (3rd gen) display


No, it’s not a Video Toaster DVE, but this psychedelic “zoom with trails” probably isn’t what Apple intended to be the elegant transition from one iPad 3 app to the next. My guess is that it’s a problem with the display chips. Here is a video of the “effect.”

I have noticed some jerky scrolling and a few other odd graphic behaviors such as slightly jerky and unresponsive video in Infinity Blade. Looks like this iPad will get a trip back to Apple. I haven’t heard many reports of bad iPads out there with the exceptions of a friend who returned his due to dead pixels. Haven’t seen bad pixels show up from Apple in many years

Update – Problem solved – It was not a hardware problem. Restoring the iPad to it’s factory state fixed the problem. Not exactly a “resolutionary” fix, but it did resolve this issue

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