Where to buy an iPad at midnight?


Apple stores open early tomorrow, but if you can’t wait for 8:00 AM to scoop up some New iPad goodness there is an alternative. PC Magazine is reporting that WalMart will have a “limited supply” of 16GB Wifi-only iPads for sale at 12:01 AM local time. As for any other early rising retailers, PC Mag says:

Rivals do not appear to be matching Walmart’s early opening. Spokespeople for Best Buy and Radio Shack said their stores will keep normal hours of operations tomorrow. Target did not reply to a request for comment by press time.

My preordered iPad did not make the first shipment, so it is probably still on the production line at Foxconn. I have done my fair share of Apple line sitting in the last few years, but this time I decided to sleep in.

7:30 PM Update – A call to a nearby Walmart verified that they (at least this one) will have all models available tonight for sale, not just the 16BGs. Hmmmm, maybe I will head over there around midnight, buy one, cancel my Apple order and sleep in even later tomorrow.

11:30 PM Update – Three people in line at this Wallmart. My daughter and I are number 4.

12:01 AM Update – This store has about 20 iPads of various configurations. The first fellow in line did not get the color he wanted.

12:30 AM Update – The clerk has taken this long to sell 4 iPads to 3 people. He did however sell them all extended warranties (!), triple bagged the iPads for security, and reminded each buyer to photocopy their receipts. A fifth buyer has shown up.

12:40 AM Update – They don’t have the model I want either (32GB Wifi-only Black.) The manager searched the back storage, but to no avail. Number 5 bought his while they searched. No one else in line. I’m headed home iPad-less.

11:45 AM Update – Walked into the Sugar Land Apple store. Bought the one I wanted in 2 minutes.

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