Your Third Amp – The Yamaha THR-10

The desktop guitar amp is a great idea that has yet to find it’s ideal form factor and price point. A few friends and I have seen, played and returned or Craigslisted many in a search for small sonic delight. A few of the more interesting ones were the Vox JamVox (nice software), the Zoom ZFX (cool case), the Fender G-DEC series (backing tracks galore).

Yamaha enters the fray with the THR-10, part practice amp, part USB audio device and part nightlight. Yamaha want this to be your “third amp.” Check out this comprehensive demonstration and interview with by Yamaha Product Specialist Julian Ward.

This looks like a fun little amp and I am anxious to add it to my list of amps tried. The good news is that the Yamaha web site says “Available in January 2012.” The bad news is that I am writing this in March of 2012, and the few on-line dealers who list them still say “Coming Soon.” Apparently this is due to a problematic power supply in prototypes and early models.

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4 Comments on "Your Third Amp – The Yamaha THR-10"

  1. James Voos says:

    I just received my Thr10 and it is just outstanding, particularly the cleaner tones and reverb effects. I have the Egnater tweaked tube amp as well, and think that the Thr10 holds up well. Definitely like it more than my little Roland cube potable. Yamaha may really make a name for themselves in the amp space with this one, if it proves to be dependable long term. Check it out!

    • Tracy Evans says:

      I agree James. Having tried several small amps; a couple sizes of the Roland Cube, a Fender Mustang I and II, a couple of Fender G-Decs, I find my THR sounds better than most and is far more fun to play.

  2. Francis says:

    I have been considering one of these and was disappointed to find that the only official way to get the sound into a DAW is via the USB but this means the THR then becomes the primary Audio Interface so no Mic preamps or anything else for that matter. Why no simple line out ? so the signal can be routed into an Audio interface or mixer?

    Yamaha suggested using the headphone out, is this OK? are the levels going to work?

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