DA Guitar Rig – Part 2 – Cable Management

One of the design goals of the DA Guitar Rig is to conquer cable management. The mystery box in the middle of the drawing above represents this aspiration. It is an octopus of leads routing data, analogue audio and power to each device.

On the right is a photo of my first attempt at creating such a beast. It is an old computer bag containing every cable in the system, a USB hub, digital to analogue audio device and a power splitter. All necessary cables are cut to appropriate lengths. When multiple cables lead to a device, those will eventually be loom bundled. The cables never leave the bag. They unroll and attach to each device, but always lead back to the central bag/hub. No loose cables equal no lost cables. I also keep a small stash of replacement cables around just in case.

One side is mostly I/O cables with the other side mostly power. The cable bundle leading to the speaker however may be the eventual troublemaker in the bunch.

In this plan the Roland CM-30 Cube Monitor acts as a mixer, monitor and output-to-house or additional amp. Bundling power and analogue cables in parallel can cause magnetic interference from the alternating current. This has the potential to trash the audio signal with hum, buzz and other artifacts. I bought cables with heavy shielding in order to minimize this, but further testing may determine this particular cable bundle to be a really bad idea.

But in testing so far it is kinda working. Setup and teardown are both quick. This approach relieves “missing cable anxiety.” My favorite feature is the hub aspect which eliminates the need for cross-cables strung all about. The bag is a bit tight, so I will probably replace it with something roomier and more fit for purpose soon.

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