Top 5 Steve Jobs Action Figure Alternatives


Missed out on the first batch preorder of Steve Jobs collectible figures? Live in a US state where it’s legality is questionable? Fear not, we’ve collected a few alternatives simulacrums to address your 1/6th scale Jobsian obsession. 12″ Collectible Figure Website

CEO action figures are not an entirely a new phenomenon, but this $99 doll seems to have a Kung-Fu Grip on public’s imagination due to it timing, the eerily realistic depiction of the subject, and the beautiful product photography on the manufacturers website. The site, elegant and respectful of the subject matter, has some parallax scrolling tricks that make it particularly fun to peruse.

Currently InIcons is reporting that the first batch of figures is sold out through preorders, so here is a list of my top five alternatives.

5. eBay purchase from a 3rd party

A few private sellers are advertising the InIcon product on eBay at rapidly rising prices. Some sellers report New York shipping addresses (early pre-orderers?) while others appear to be located in Hong Kong and may have access to purchase more easily. Either way, many of these eBayers are selling more units than they expect to receive (none having shipped to date) and promise a refund on unfulfilled orders. My advice – caveat emptor.

4. On Demand Acton Figure Builder

Vicale Corporation offers a Make Your Own Action Figure configurator through their web site. It is a far less costly approach (around $40) depending on your choice of accessories such as weapons, but the basic model doesn’t exactly reflect Mr. Job’s physique. It is however fun to play with the different parts available and see how close you can come to a CEO doll. The example screen shot shows my feeble attempt.

3. Bobble-head Steve Sculptures

Heading back to eBay and setting our expectations lower on the realism scale, many non-posable Steve sculptures are available. This is a mixed bag (“of hurt”) as the rendition quality of the head varies from “I can see the resemblance” to “are you kidding?” The body sculpture of many are quite impressive, which only goes to demonstrate how difficult it can be to capture the personality of a subject in plastic sculpture, and points up how impressive the InIcon product really is. These figure start at $25 and some apparently come gift-wrapped for last years holiday season.

2. Steve Jobs Plush Doll

iJustine’s Awesome Blog reported, and apparently purchased, a Steve Jobs Plush Doll back in 2009. Podbrix is the originator of this huggable 17″ figure, but unfortunately the Podbrix website is currently inaccessible. It is unclear if this is temporary or if they perhaps succumbed to cease and desist notices years ago due to this or previous products. Those interested should regularly check Craigslist or eBay.

1. DIY it with Pop Sculpture

If the above solutions fail to satisfy, it’s time to take matter into your own hands and become Madame Tussaud in miniature. Pop Sculpture: How to Sculpt Action Figures and Collectible Statues seems to be the definitive volume on the subject. It’s an extensively illustrated, 272-page book about techniques required to sculpt, cast, paint and photograph your own creations. Sculptors Tim Bruckner (DC Direct), Ruben Procopio (Disney) and Zach Oat (ToyFare) walk you through the process. The book sells for about $20 at the usual places as well as the Pop Sculpture blog.

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