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In a maze of phone camera apps, Paper Camera stands out as a fun image processor. Given the right source material, it can create impressive images with a hand drawn look. For the “drawing” above. I started with a 3D render (by Preston Brousard) from a video we are currently producing. This image processed particularly well with Paper Cameras Sketch Up (above) and Gotham Noir settings.

Other presents include Comic Boom, Half Ton and Old Printer. Slider controls allow you to adjust contrast, brightness and line weight. Check out the original image and a few others in the gallery below.

Interesting that Paper Camera does it’s image processing in real time, so you can see the image effect live displayed in the camera preview. This app is a bargain at 99¢ for iPhone and still a steal at twice the price on Android.

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Spacial thanks to producer, director Gary Hayes for turning me on to this app.

As president of Tracy Evans Productions, Inc. for over 18 years Tracy splits his time between being an animator, director, producer, stage magician, graphic designer, art director, programmer, editor, consultant, speaker and writer of third-person autobiographical blurbs.

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  1. Dado says:

    Wow great work guys, should look cool with pastel perfect too! (From the creator of the app)

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