New Drawing of Houston Apple Store Design


The rendering above, of the upcoming Highland Village Apple store, is based on dozens of photos and several trips to the construction site to verify details. This drawing corrects items that were unclear in our previous drawing.

This location will be the first incarnation of Apple’s impressive new design, a variation of the patented look and feel of the Upper West Side store in New York.

The Houston store sports a unique glass back wall, with an additional entrance, identical to the front wall. Back entrances are typical of other shops in the center, but unusual for Apple stores. The photo to the right shows the current state of construction of the back wall. Note that while most construction sites are littered with lumber and steel, an Apple construction site stockpiles very thick glass panes.

Smaller than the proposed 8,000 sq ft Santa Monica location (yet to begin construction), this store will feature 3,100 sq ft of retail space under a curving glass roof, bookended by limestone clad slabs.

The “backstage” area of the store is concealed in what appears to be the adjacent building, but is actually an extension constructed for this store, as evidenced in the photo (left) by Jeff Peoples. Like an architectural magic trick, it is styled to the rather plain look of that building so as to appear separate and not effect the clean ascetics of the glass and stone minimalism.

In addition to this eight foot extension, Apple may also be taking over some of the second story space above the cupcake shop next door. Current photos show the second story windows have been recently covered over.

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    Set to open St. Patrick’s day.

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    It’s from the inside of course…

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