Highland Village Apple Store – Glass Ceiling Spy Shot

This conspicouisly cloaked construction site in Houston conceals Apple’s next big things. Big in this case refers to about 3,100 square feet of retail space scheduled to open in January 2012. The Highland Village Apple store is unique in that it will be the second to feature their unique glass ceiling design, and the first of an upcoming reimagining of Apple architecture.

During the day, it is difficult to tell what secrets are behind the curtain. At night however, interior work lights transform the glass walls and ceiling into a glowing shape two stories tall, revealing the unmistakable curve of Apple’s patented store design.

Two other stores (that we know of) have been proposed based on this scaled down version of the revered Upper West Side NYC design. One in Santa Monica, and one in Palo Alto, CA, though neither have begun construction to date.

The photo gallery below shows a detail of the glass roof as glimpsed through a wind-blown separation in the the black cloak that covers the worksite, the NY store and  renderings of the proposed California stores. And be sure to check out Gary Allen’s photo comparison of the UWS store ceiling with one of my pics at ifoAppleStore.com.

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  1. r says:

    Latest thing I’ve heard, opening date is now March/April.

  2. r says:

    I hope you’re right!

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