Ultimate Online Audition Contest – Round 1 Almost Over

The contest at Theatrics is really starting to heat up. We are nearing the end of round one, so there are just a few more days to enter that round.

Six winners from round one will receive $200 and enter into the finals for the grand prize – $10,000 and a trip to Hollywood! Don’t worry if you miss this round. There are two more to come. But be sure to sign up and enter before January 21st.

As president of Tracy Evans Productions, Inc. for over 18 years Tracy splits his time between being an animator, director, producer, stage magician, graphic designer, art director, programmer, editor, consultant, speaker and writer of third-person autobiographical blurbs.

2 Comments on "Ultimate Online Audition Contest – Round 1 Almost Over"

  1. Hay Tracy Evans hows it hanging..i have cousins that are celebs John Travolta and Henry Winkler ect..i have contact with the Pecks u know Gregory Peck.

  2. and for some reazin my picture on here isnt showing

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