Skyrim – Hour 1 of ?


As the glowing yellow sign recedes in my rearview mirror, I hurry through other yellow lights traveling from the world of best buys to the world of the Elder Scrolls – Skyrim.

I only have an hour or so tonight to explore this realms, so as I remove the plastic wrapper I say a silent thank you to Sony for not covering three sides of the box with crumbly “security” celluloid. Of course if I were really in a hurry, would have purchased at GameStop since their games are seldom sold sealed.

Popping this prized possession into my PS3, I’m greeted by the the all too typical PlayStation experience; a buzz-killing need for a software update. Downloading System 4.0. Point Oh! Uh oh.

The update chugs along and completes without a hitch. Next comes a 95-MEG game update, followed by a final delay for installation. So far, half of my budgeted hour of gameplay has consistent of crawling progress bars.

As I resist the urge to warble in a grandpa voice about how “in my day” software had to ship finished, As I ponder the reasons (sloppy coding, tighter deadlines, vaster complexity) I decide to be thankful rather than complain, that authors and artists have the opportunity to fix problems as they are discovered. And I thank all the players before me who found issues that now I don’t have to deal with.

It has been said many times that no work of art is ever complete, merely abandoned. Software in the internet age is similar – never finished, merely end-of-lifed.

I hope hour 2 involves some actual game play.

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