My dinner with Eddie – The Show Notes

Last night I had dinner with Eddie, my friend of many years. If our dinner conversation had been a podcast, these would be the show notes:

Jonathan Frakes joins the cast of Beckinfield and the $10,000 contest at Theatrics (see the video above)

Learning jazz guitar on iPad

A recent study on how doorways effect short term memory

Faster than light particles and dorky jokes about them.

The South Park episode
about George Lucas titled Free Hat

A very good Final Cut Pro website

Turkey documentary shot and edited on iPhone

Logging video footage with Microsoft Excel

Video editing on a MacBook Air with a  7200 rpm USB drive

The Route 66 band‘s gig at Capone’s

Reasons never to return to Centerville Texas (Dented MacBook Airs)

Andy IhnatkoCharles Nelson Reilly, Dan BenjaminMichael Eisner, Dan Frakes, Jonathan FrakesiWorld/Macworld, Paul Kent, and The Hypercritical Podcast.

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