Sneaky Siegfried

siegfried_roy_farewell_06_wonworkHere is an interesting tidbit of information on the pre-show habits of Siegfried Fischbacher. This is from an inside source who worked with Siegfried and Roy for years at the Mirage, and on their one-night-only Farewell Performance last week.

A regular feature of the show were characters called Wonder Workers. Six cloaked and masked figures would wander through the audience before each show, greeting audience members and putting small stickers of hearts or white tigers on them. Wonder Workers never spoke. They only communicated through mime and sticker placement.

The audience loved it because it gave them a personal connection to the show. The Mirage management loved it because each night hundreds of people walked around Las Vegas wearing tiny billboards for the show. It was a Wynn-Wynn situation.

The six Wonder Workers were played by dancers from the show. But occasionally a seventh WW would join the group. Yes, it was Siegfried. He would often dress up in the same garb to greet, mine and apply stickers himself.

The Wonder Workers were back for the fund raising event last week (see photo), and Siegfried was up to his old tricks as well. My source says that Siegfried once again dressed up in Wonder gear and walked around the silent auction room of the event silently greeting guests and bidders.

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